Why Does My IPhone Go Straight To Voicemail On The First Call?

When your iPhone is locked (the screen is off), Do Not Disturb silences all incoming calls, text message notifications, and alerts on your iPhone.

Unlike silent mode, Do Not Disturb sends incoming calls straight to voicemail.

Why does it go straight to voicemail when someone calls me?

Check Do Not Disturb Mode

Do Not Disturb Mode silences all incoming calls, text messages, alerts on iPhone and sends all incoming calls straight to Voicemail. Hence, follow the steps below to disable Do Not Disturb Mode on your iPhone. 2. On the Settings screen, tap on Do Not Disturb option.

How do I stop my phone calls from going straight to voicemail?


  • Start your PHONE app.
  • Click MORE (or three dots icon) in the top right corner of the screen (or the OPTIONS/MENU button on older devices)
  • Click SETTINGS.
  • Click VOICE CALL.
  • Click ALWAYS FORWARD and then DISABLE.

How do I change the number of rings before my iPhone goes to voicemail?

Change number of rings before voicemail answers

  1. Go to Account overview > My digital phone > Check or manage voicemail & features.
  2. On the Voicemail Settings tab, scroll to General Preferences and select Set Number Of Rings Before Voicemail.
  3. Choose a setting ranging from 1 ring (6 seconds) to 6 rings (36 seconds).
  4. Select Save.

How do you send calls straight to voicemail on iPhone?

How Do I Send All Calls On My iPhone Direct To Voicemail?

  • Step 1: Open the Settings app.
  • Step 2: Touch Do Not Disturb. This will open a screen with several options.
  • Tap to turn on the toggle for “Manual.” Do Not Disturb will remain on until you manually disable it.