What Phones Work With TextNow?

What’s the catch with TextNow?

There are several catches: TextNow offers you a personal phone number and connections to make free, ad-supported phone calls and texts.

But it has to be with a phone that’s compatible with the Sprint network.

And you can’t surf the internet as well.

That will cost you at least $19.99 monthly..

Can you use TextNow without a SIM card?

Yes! You can bring any eligible, inactive Sprint® device to TextNow, and activate it with a TextNow service plan. If you have a compatible phone that’s missing a SIM card, we have SIM Activation Kits available for purchase here.

Can you call for free on TextNow?

TextNow offers free or low-cost international calling to over 230 countries –– so you can talk more without worrying about a big bill.

How do I know if a number is TextNow?

Hi Francisco: You can identify TextNow number by checking the following:The email address associated with the TextNow account, if entered by user.The first and/or last name on the TextNow account, if entered by user.IP address information.Phone call records.Text Message records.

Who is TextNow carrier?

TextNOW is an MVNO that operates on the Sprint network. The company was founded in 2009 in Ontario, Canada and originally operated as a text messaging app.

Can someone find out who you are on TextNow?

You want be able to detect is there is a texting app related a mobile number, but at least it is a start. … The only way that those numbers would be trackable on those websites is if you registered your name to them with your TextNow phone number.

Can TextNow be traced back to your phone?

To go through your phone, they would need a warrant. They would also need probable cause of some crime being committed for them to get a warrant to trace down the texts. Since there isn’t a crime, no they likely won’t get a warrant.

Is TextNow dangerous?

We created this parent guide because there are reports of predators using the TextNow app to target victims, if your child uses this app they can be in danger. This app turns any wifi connected device into a phone with its own phone number, even if the device doesn’t have a phone plan.

Does TextNow work without WiFi?

TextNow uses your WiFi connection when it is available so everything goes over the internet for both texts and calls (USA & Canada). No calls or texts can be made/received when there is no WiFi connection.

Does TextNow have a limit?

(All TextNow plans offer unlimited talk and text, so there’s no need to calculate how many minutes and texts you’ll need each month.) Pay $29.99 and your monthly data bucket grows to 5GB. (For the sake of comparison, T-Mobile-owned MetroPCS charges $40 for its 5GB plan.)

Does TextNow work on Android?

As with most smaller carriers, TextNow requires no contract. There are TextNow apps for Android and iOS; the free plan is available on both platforms. You need a Sprint-compatible phone and SIM card; if you’re missing the latter, you can buy an activation kit for $9.99.

Does TextNow work with Sprint phones?

TextNow can only activate Sprint (CDMA) compatible phones. You will also need a Sprint SIM card to connect to our network. … You can get started on your TextNow service right away.

Does TextNow use tmobile?

TextNow coverage It actually uses two networks: Sprint and T-Mobile.