What Is The Difference Between A Reason Excuse And A Lie?

Can an excuse be true?

A reason is truthful and is not a made up story.

Excuses can be truthful but not exactly the reason you decided to do or not to do something.

Example: If I am truly sick and believe I cannot finish my day, I may ask to take a sick day.

That is not an excuse it’s a reality..

What are the most common excuses?

Here are 20 of the most common excuses people use that stop them from reaching their dreams:I’m not destined to succeed. … I’m not motivated enough. … I’m too easily distracted by other things. … I’m not educated enough. … I can’t handle failure. … I will start tomorrow. … I’m not ready. … I don’t believe I can do it.More items…•Jan 24, 2021

What are advantages of excuses?

One advantage of excuses is that they help people to maintain a sense of esteem and control in their lives. Without excuses, people would be faced with the terrifying possibility that they are absolutely responsible and accountable for their errors and blunders.

Why is it not good to make excuses?

To put it simply, excuses prevent you from living the life you want. You’re giving up before you’ve even begun. To reach your goals and get what you want, you’ll have to work hard and stop making excuses. No one has a perfect life, so it’s a waste to make excuses for why something is impossible for you.

What are the disadvantages of excuses?

Making excuses can become deceptive, ineffective, and unreliable. They are then looked upon as a flawed character. Several undesired consequences result such as low credibility, disengagement and others.

Should you make excuses?

Instead of making changes they may subconsciously create excuses. Excuses may make them feel better about not taking action and can form the story of ‘why we can’t have what we want’ and holds them back from going after it.

How do you tell if you are making excuses?

NOW LET’S BULLDOZE YOUR EXCUSESIt is very difficult.I am too young or too old to go for it.Nobody takes me seriously or I have been rejected.I am not that much educated.I don’t know how.I don’t have time.He/she is responsible for my failure.It is very risky.More items…•Jun 30, 2016

How do you live without an excuse?

Tips & Advice to Guide You to an Excuse Free LifeLearn to Identify Your Excuses.Stop Them Before You Take Action.Think Outside The Box For Problem Solving.Be Ready To Accept Challenges & Live Life Excuse Free.Stop Procrastination & Laziness.

What are good sick excuses?

The following cases are usually acceptable reasons to call in sick:Contagious illness. … Injury or illness that negatively impacts productivity. … Medical appointment. … Diagnosed medical condition. … Hospitalization. … Pregnancy or delivery.Feb 9, 2021

Is calling in sick an excused absence?

Sick or medical leave is another type of excused absence. Oftentimes, to have sick time excused, you need to have a doctor’s note as proof that you visited a healthcare professional and possibly that you are also cleared to return to work.

Why do I make excuses for everything?

Excuses are often made because we just don’t want to take responsibility for our shortcomings. When we take full responsibility for all our failures and mistakes, we quickly grow in confidence.

What is the difference between a reason excuse or lie?

Reason implies that fault is sincerely recognized and accepted…. that you step up and take accountability for your actions. An excuse exists to justify, blame or defend a fault…with the intent to absolve oneself of accountability.

What’s considered an excuse?

An excuse is an explanation for why something is the way it is, that always involves the blame being put on someone or something that isn’t involved in the conversation, and not able to share their side of the story.

What are excuses used for?

An excuse is an explanation for something that went wrong. When we give an excuse, we’re trying to get someone to cut us some slack.