What Attracts Sharks To New Smyrna Beach?

Why are sharks attracted to New Smyrna Beach?

Beach safety officers, shark researchers and fishermen cite a combination of factors, including large numbers of people in the water and ocean currents bringing bait fish closer to shore that in turn attract sharks.

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Is it safe to swim at New Smyrna Beach?

Swimmers and surfers constantly come back to the area though and there seems to be one very good reason for this; although a huge number of attacks have occurred, so far none of them have actually been fatal. If you want to swim in safety though, New Smyrna Beach is definitely not for you.

Are there alligators in New Smyrna Beach?

New Smyrna Beach has the most biologically diverse estuary in North America. It is home to more than 400 species of birds, dolphins, manatees, alligators, turtles, and more. There are no chain restaurants on New Smyrna’s beachside.

Are there great white sharks in New Smyrna Beach?

Both sharks are well out at sea and miles away from any actual beaches. But that doesn’t mean you can rest easy while at the beach. At least five people have been chomped by a shark at New Smyrna Beach.

How do you know when a shark is near?

For those who still fear going in the water, Bangley suggests looking out for the following: Keeping an eye on birds/fish: If you see birds diving or fish jumping, that could be a indicator that a larger predator, perhaps a shark, could be attempting to prey upon a school of fish.

Why are there so many shark attacks in New Smyrna Beach?

If you ask the experts why there are so many shark attacks off New Smyrna, the likely answer would be: there’s a lot of people in the water. It’s understandable that a world-class beach would draw crowds. … Quite simply, there are lots of surfers in the waters off New Smyrna.

What time of day do most shark attacks occur?

Sharks are the most active at dusk and dawn when they are hunting for food. You can reduce your risk of shark encounters by staying out of the water at these times of day.

Which side of Florida has the most shark attacks?

Florida on the other hand has the most shark attacks recorded in the world with a total of 828 reported incidents since 1837. However, Volusia County alone could make the same international claim with 303 attacks recorded, with most of the incidents taking place in New Smyrna Beach.

Which beach in Florida has the most sharks?

New Smyrna BeachNew Smyrna Beach, Florida Florida has more shark attacks each year than any other area in the world, according to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF).

How many shark attacks happen in New Smyrna Beach?

four shark attacks(There have been four shark attacks in New Smyrna Beach this year, none of them fatal.) Most “shark attacks” are exploratory bites in which the shark grabs on and releases its human prey, leaving behind the recognizable half-moon of gashes from their teeth and little else.

What type of sharks are in New Smyrna Beach?

A wide variety of animals, including small sharks can be found in the lagoon. Species like bonnethead, bull, spinner, blacktip and the Atlantic sharpnose spend their youth in the IRL—in fact, it can take 15 years for these little ones to reach full growth and swim to the ocean.

Is New Smyrna Beach shark infested?

Add to the mixture a huge number of people in the water almost year-round in this popular beach resort and you get a recipe for lots of shark attacks. In fact, more people have been attacked by sharks off the coast of New Smyrna than in any other place in the world.

Which sharks kill most humans?

The great white is the most dangerous shark with a recorded 314 unprovoked attacks on humans. This is followed by the striped tiger shark with 111 attacks, bull sharks with 100 attacks and blacktip shark with 29 attacks.

Do sharks come close to shore at night?

Sharks are at the top of the food chain in the ocean and must be respected. … Many species of shark are known to come closer to shore during dusk, dawn, and night time hours. Do not swim or surf during these high risk time frames. Make sure that the beach you are going to swim at is patrolled by lifeguards.